Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer Superstar...

Austin is completely smitten with soccer this year. This is his second year playing, and he really seems to be enjoying it and learning more about the game. He has even said that he wanted to play soccer instead of baseball! That breaks my heart!! But I want him to play what he enjoys. He scored two goals on Friday evening, and scored one goal last night. He has another game tonight, and then Monday will be his last game. He has really come into his own in the last few games. It's like he finally realized what the coach means when he asks Austin to do something. He's learning when to be agressive, when to share, and when not to! LOL He just wanted me to make sure I posted something about him since I posted about Lani and Eli. So here's my soccer superstar. I love you son. I cannot believe you will be seven years old in three short days. It seems like only yesterday that you became a magnificent part of my life at 2 months old. I have been so in love with you since the moment I locked eyes with you. Thank you for teaching me the important things in life and for rescuing me from myself and my selfish ways. I love you! I will be forever indebted to you!!

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Allison said...

I have missed chatting... haven't been on early the last couple of days!

I am booing you! Stop by my page to see!