Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terrific Tuesday!

Wow, I can't believe it's Tuesday already. Soon, I will go back to work (11/3), and I will have these days and dates down pat again. It seems that's the only thing I truly miss about not working... I have no concept of day or date or time. Unfortunately, the next three weeks will be gone soon, but I will enjoy every moment of them while I have them!

So as I lie in the bed pondering what to do with myself in my brief time without my two oldest children, I couldn't think of anything. There's plenty of laundry to do (believe me.. I took the weekend off!), a bathroom and living room that needs cleaned, but I think today I'll just enjoy my day with Eli. He got shots yesterday, and I just feel the need to be close to him. At 3 PM, I'll go pick up his sister at preschool and get Austin from my mom's house. We have dance at 4 PM for Austin, 4:30 for Lani, and then Austin has a soccer game at 5:45. It'll be almost 8 PM when we get home tonight. Wow. Our crazy life!!

I cannot fathom my life without my children. It is nice to have a break from them occasionally, but I truly cherish just having them around. They do little annoying things that kids do, and they tend to grate on my nerves every so often, but without them around, I would be so broken and so empty. I have never been this alive before. I have never felt like my life held so much purpose before. God blessed me with these children and charged me with raising them appropriately. I cannot think of one thing in my life that is more important than my children. My heart would be vacant without them. I live to get up every single morning to hear their voices and see their sweet faces when they just wake up. I love to sneak in their bedrooms at night and admire the innocence of childhood. No worries. I cherish their drawings, artwork, etc. that they bring home from school. I told my husband that we needed a larger refrigerator just so we could fit everything up there.

Sorry for the randomness, lol, but today on this Terrific Tuesday, I just want to thank God for blessing my life with my Three Beautiful Babies. Austin, Lani, and Eli - here's to you!

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Allison said...

Oh so true! I don't know where I would be without my princesses! I am who I am because of them!