Sunday, September 20, 2009


As I am gazing through my things on the computer, I totally forgot about this blog!! I noticed that my last post was almost a year ago, and that's SAD! LOL but, any mother knows how quickly time can slip from your grasp... just see how quickly your babies grow up!

So I guess I should update on all of us...

We sold our house in June of 2009, and we are in the process of getting numbers finalized to start our construction loan (we are going to be our own contractors and sub everything out). I can't wait. 5 people in less than 1000 sq. ft and 1 bathroom is a CHALLENGE to say the least. There are usually at LEAST 3 people in the bathroom at the same time, and you can touch both walls with your arms just about both ways, you catch my drift!! So, that's what we are waiting on. We have our 16 acres of land over at 613 Lee Road, and we can't wait to become frequent visitors there! :)

Let's see... Allen's job is fairly stable, we can at least depend on the fact that he'll be working 3 days per week, and we've been able to keep the boat floating with that. We are doing less and enjoying each other more. Sometimes, we enjoy each other a little too much... lol He has been diligently working on number crunching for the house.

As far as me... my job is stable for now, I guess people still need boxes to move their product. An opportunity lies around the corner for me, it's just a matter of patience in waiting and seeing what is in store for me. I have been there almost 9 years, and believe it or not, I love my job. I love to be able to help people in some way, regardless of how small :). My biggest challenge now is my weight. I MUST get it under control and drop A LOT of weight so I can be healthy and happy and be around for my babies for a LONG time to come. I always say I'll start on Monday, but I always whimper down and chicken out. But it is time to get serious. I seriously do not want my children to be embarrassed by how fat I am. So, I have to do something about that. Being morbidly obese is not on my list of things to do, so I have to get a move on.

Austin... started the 2nd grade this year. WOW. I can still see those little bouncing blonde curls that he had when he was a little fella.... and to think that in 8 years, he will be driving makes my heart skip a beat!! He seems to be doing well, he's been in school for 3 weeks, and his midterm report was good. He is currently reading on a 5th grade level and loves to read. He has also joined the swim team, and it is doing wonders for his confidence (and his physique!!). I am so glad that he has found something that he REALLY looks forward to that goes on all year long. He loves baseball and basketball, but they have short seasons. He did well in his first meet, he came in 5th in the backstroke. He will be 8 years old on October 24, and that's just crazy. We are going to the Isle of Palms, SC for his birthday weekend, and we are going to see the Disney Christmas Carol train coming through Charleston, SC. He is VERY excited about it, but a little sad that he isn't having a "real" birthday party this year.

Lani... is a fireball! She is me made over, attitude, looks, everything. POOR CHILD! lol She enjoyed the summer with my mother, and she started PK4 this year, and she is loving it. She is such a bright little girl. She already knows her ABC's by sight, the phonetic sound they make, and is starting to understand that letters get together, make friends, and become words. She is amazing. She recognizes her numbers 1-20, and knows all her shapes, colors, etc. She is LOVING her dance this year. She tried out for a competition jazz team this summer, and didn't make it, and it broke my heart, but she took it pretty well. She is doing tap and jazz on Monday nights, Hip Hop on Tuesday nights, and Wednesday nights she does Kindermusik. She is a well adjusted child, and she is just wonderful. Now the attitude is a different story, but we're working on that.

Eli... celebrated his 1st birthday in August. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed! He is quite the pistol these days!! He has been walking since about 11 months, (he runs everywhere now!), he is climbing like a monkey (literally, he was on the coffee tables earlier this afternoon!), and he is just an all out joy to have around. He is my mild mannered laid back child, and he is tough as a knot on a log. He is tempered more like Allen. He enjoys spending his days with his Memaw while me and Allen work. We are still breastfeeding morning, noon, and bedtime. I always said I would stop at 1, but I just can't bring myself to wean him yet. He is having a difficult time with whole milk. He will drink it, and shortly afterwards he usually throws up curds. It's gross. Hopefully we can get him over that. He eats cheese, yogurt, and other dairy with no problems, so I'm not sure what his ailment is with whole milk.

I guess that's a wrap for today. I'll try to be more timely in updates.. lol but I can't make any promises. Life is very crazy and hectic, but we love our life! Until next time...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life in the fast lane!

OMG My life has not slowed down since I started back to work. I'm so tired in the evenings! My body is still taking its time adjusting to this new routine, and I need it to get with the program, LOL! It's killing me! I'm fighting a cold right now because I never have time to breathe! Austin is getting ready to start basketball, and the kids are still dancing. Holidays are coming, and I'm not even in the mood!

OK SO the true mood killer... I'm going to be 30 on Monday. I'm terrified, and actually I'm probably depressed about it. I will no longer be 20-something, I'll officially be OLD. I remember when I was growing up, I thought you died when you turned 30, LOL! So... hopefully that won't happen! It just seems like life passes us by way too quickly, and there's hardly time to enjoy all the better things in life.

Nothing is really new with me. My laptop cord is broken, so I can't get on the computer at home (which is driving me BONKERS!) and my digital camera is down (I'm supposed to be getting a new one for my birthday/anniversary)... but being the frugal person that I am... I decided to invest in a $18 battery for my camera JUST TO BE CERTAIN that it's not a battery issue. It's a perfectly good Sony camera, and I've only had it for a freaking year!! It will cost me more for Sony to "look" at it... than it will cost me to buy a brand new one. AHHHH technology!!

On a lighter note, we're all trying to get Christmas lists together. I already know that Austin is going to be disappointed because he wants a motorcycle, and I'm not ready to spend that kind of money on a Christmas present yet. He's getting a guitar, a case, guitar lessons, Wall-E, and Kung Fu Panda... and of course some stocking stuffers. Lani's getting a bike, a VTech Kidizoom camera, High School Musical, and High School Musical 2. She wants anything to do with High School Musical. LOL She's in love with Zac Effron. Who isn't? Eli is getting a Baby Einstein crawl through tunnel and probably an Exersaucer or a Jumperoo... haven't decided yet. Allen and I probably won't buy anything for each other. I, however, would totally love to have a new laptop, but we'll see how good my bonus is this year and how that plays out.

That's it for an update. We're all happy, healthy (for the most part), and OLD! lol

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The working world...

Well, I must admit... while I miss my baby boy during the day, and I miss being able to spend all day long with him lounging in my PJ's, I have enjoyed going back to work. It has been a nice change. One that I'm sure will get old soon, ha! I have been blessed though. I actually enjoy my job, and they say when you enjoy your job, it's not really like working, it's more of a hobby, and I would have to agree. While my job is inside sales/customer service, etc. it all boils down to helping people, and I thoroughly enjoy it!!

Eli seems to be doing OK with the mass changes in his life. He is doing well with his bottle. He is always looking for my arrival at lunch time to eat his lunch on me! I thank God that my Mom lives close enough that I am able to come and share some time with my son during the middle of the day. It also saves me money because I'm not tempted to eat out all the time.

Lani seems to be doing MUCH better at her morning departures also. I guess she was just craving normal. She protested ferociously when I would leave when I was not working. I guess she knew that Eli and I were coming home, and she would be staying at school.... and she would rather be at home with us. Her behavior is coming around also. We hit a VERY rough patch after Eli's arrival, but she seems to be doing a little better. It's that sassy attitude and back talk that we SERIOUSLY have to work on. ugh.

Nothing seems to be really changing much with Austin. His behavior has been better at school. He's growing up so much. He's my little man. He has been my ace in the hole. He cranks the van in the mornings so it can warm up for us, and he helps me in so many other ways. He seems to be maturing and growing up. I remember when he came to stay with us on weekends, he was the same age and size that Eli is now. It's hard to believe that he's 7 years old and a first grader now.

Allen seems to be the same 'ole Allen. HAHA. Things hardly change with him.

Just a brief update.... the babies thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. I was very disappointed to learn that my digital camera has kicked the bucket... and I found this out on Halloween night. I almost cried. But I did grab a few with my phone... It's just not the same!! Saturday morning, Allen and My Dad cut down a tree for firewood. We enjoyed a day with visits from several family members. Saturday night, Austin spent the night with my Aunt Tamy and Lani spent the night with my Mom. HOT DOG! A DATE NIGHT!! We went out to eat (big spenders at Chick-fil-A, $12), walked around the mall, and went to see Fireproof. That movie was awesome... it was all about relationships. Then we came home for some loud... well... you know. HAHA!! It was nice. Supper, $12; Movie & Popcorn, $30; a night with my hubby....... priceless. I love him so much, and I thank God for him every single day!!

OH! And our wonderful Sunday school class provided meals for us for the entire week! Are they awesome or what!! We had chicken and rice, baked spaghetti, chili, vegetable beef soup, and lasagna. They are the best!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Manic Monday...

"It's just another Manic Monday, ohhhwoowaw, I wish it was Sunday, ohhwoowaw, 'cause I don't have to Run-Day... " I loved that song, and that was the story of my life today. Today was my first day back to "normal." (if such a thing ever exists after giving birth)

The day started at 5 AM this morning. I took my shower last night to alleviate some of the push for this morning, and that seemed to work out well. While I need a shower to wake me up in the morning, I refuse to get up earlier than 5 AM to start getting ready. So I got myself ready and had breakfast. I got Lani dressed and got her breakfast while Allen got Austin stirring and got breakfast for him. By this time, it's 6:30 AM and it's time to feed Eli. I feed Eli, and wash the final pump parts for work. We left at 7:10, and lo and behold... I forgot the bottles (My milk jugs are attached!!), and had to turn around and get them. So, my routine was thrown a little behind, but not too much.

Eli was my first drop off. I had 4 arm loads of stuff to carry into Mom's for him, but I managed to get it all in one trip except the stroller, and had to come back for it. He was zonked out, thank goodness. I honestly think if I had locked eyes with him, I would have had a meltdown. I think I had most of my emotional meltdown last night. I was so nervous, I was literally shaking when I went to bed because I knew if I went to sleep that my full time excitement with my baby would come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, exhaustion consumed me, and I was off to sleep.....

Austin was the second drop off, and that was a non-event... same thing as the last 3 months. Lani was my final stop, and she hugged me, kissed me, and was on her way. I was officially on my way to work.

I got there to a welcoming fanfare. They were holding the door for me...clapping, cheering and carrying on. I truly felt like my presence was missed....which is a good feeling. The day was pretty uneventful, and a lot of people haven't even recognized that I'm back to work just yet... but it's coming. All in all, I'm glad to be back to normal (whatever normal is now!).... Everyone wants to know the one thing that I've missed the most.... that would have to be my paycheck. :) I've certainly missed that.

Luckily, we belong to an AWESOME Sunday school class... they are providing supper for us ALL WEEK since it's my first week back at work!! We are truly blessed to be a part of this class!

Today was just another day. It'll take me a few months to get in the swing of this new routine. I'll get there... one day at a time...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer Superstar...

Austin is completely smitten with soccer this year. This is his second year playing, and he really seems to be enjoying it and learning more about the game. He has even said that he wanted to play soccer instead of baseball! That breaks my heart!! But I want him to play what he enjoys. He scored two goals on Friday evening, and scored one goal last night. He has another game tonight, and then Monday will be his last game. He has really come into his own in the last few games. It's like he finally realized what the coach means when he asks Austin to do something. He's learning when to be agressive, when to share, and when not to! LOL He just wanted me to make sure I posted something about him since I posted about Lani and Eli. So here's my soccer superstar. I love you son. I cannot believe you will be seven years old in three short days. It seems like only yesterday that you became a magnificent part of my life at 2 months old. I have been so in love with you since the moment I locked eyes with you. Thank you for teaching me the important things in life and for rescuing me from myself and my selfish ways. I love you! I will be forever indebted to you!!

Apple Farm Fun... with 3 year olds!!

Yesterday was Lani's preschool class's trip to Hillcrest Orchard in Edneyville, NC. This place was awesome! ( The children were all excited! The excitement kinda fizzled a little bit when we all learned that we would be using port-a-john's. It was gross and disgusting. I would have rather popped a squat in the apple orchard, but I didn't want to scare anyone. HA!

First we got a lesson in the barn about different types of apples, how they are different colors, different sizes, and taste different. The lady told the children that God made apples just like he made people... each a unique creation by His own hand, and He loves them all the same just like He loves us. The lady then used the apple peeler, slicer, corer and made everyone an apple wedge snack. They were so very excited about this!!

After our barn apple lesson, we went on the wagon ride pulled by a tractor. They were ecstatic about this too. The only downside to this ride was that it was 41 degrees at 10 AM on a beautiful Fall Western North Carolina morning. The wagon ride showed the children the different trees the peach trees, the sunflower and soybean patch, the corn maze, the pumpkin patch, and a tour through the apple orchard. The wagon stopped for us to pick apples just before the end of the ride. We picked "Blushing Gold" apples. These are very good... crisp and tart. They are called Blushing Gold because they are golden where the sun doesn't strike them, but where the sun strikes the apples, they are sunkissed with red at the top only. Lani had a blast picking the apples and playing in the orchard. Luckily the bees weren't swarming the place! On the way back to the general store, the guide told the children the story of Johnny Appleseed. How he carried appleseeds in his knapsack, wore a pot on his head, and always carried his Bible. She told them that if it weren't for Johnny Appleseed, there wouldn't be any apple orchards. The children were totally taken with this story. We also sang a song.. there was a fruit that had a name and apple was it's name OH A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E, and apple was it's name-oh. They thought that song was hilarious!
Lani in the orchard

After our wagon ride, we went through the sunflower and soybean maze. The children were too short to go through the corn maze, and the tour guide was fearful that the children would be overwhelmed by the tall corn stalks and panic. The object of the sunflower maze was to find soybean Sally at the end of the maze (she was a scarecrow). This was quite a challenge to the children, but they enjoyed it. Sadly, we got the first frost of the year Sunday night, so the sunflowers looked sad. They were wilted, but there were some that were still beautiful.
Elijah in the sunflower maze

Once we made our way through the sunflower maze, we came to the picnic area to learn about apple cider and sample it. A lot of the children didn't seem to like it very much. After the cider sampling and a small break, we gathered for lunch and sang out Johnny Appleseed blessing and had lunch together.
Lani modeling on the pumpkin. lol

Lani with the scarecrow family

Elijah after the tour. He was zonked!

The day was finally over! The children returned to school for naps and for their parents to pick them up. Lani and I had a blast!! We plan on going sooner next year so we can cut our own pumpkin and get our favorite apples!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just another day in paradise...

Not much excitement in my neck of the woods today. We were late for Sunday school, like always, and worked in the nursery during worship service. Then we all hung out around the house and napped like we always do on Sundays. It was wonderful. I watched "Baby Mama" with Tina Fey in it, and it was hilarious. I dozed on and off on the couch with my precious baby boy on my chest. We've all been battling a little bit of a stomach bug. Gross, and no fun. Especially with four people and one bathroom! Anyway, we've made it. Tomorrow is LaniBug's field trip to the apple orchard and the pumpkin farm. I am so excited. I know her class will have a blast, and I'm just glad that I get to be a part of it.

Since I did very little of anything today, I did edit this picture that I took of E-man today. I thought it was pretty cute. He was 10 weeks old Thursday, and the days, weeks, and months have zoomed right on by. Seems like just the other day that I was pregnant (thank God I'm not anymore!!)