Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life in the fast lane!

OMG My life has not slowed down since I started back to work. I'm so tired in the evenings! My body is still taking its time adjusting to this new routine, and I need it to get with the program, LOL! It's killing me! I'm fighting a cold right now because I never have time to breathe! Austin is getting ready to start basketball, and the kids are still dancing. Holidays are coming, and I'm not even in the mood!

OK SO the true mood killer... I'm going to be 30 on Monday. I'm terrified, and actually I'm probably depressed about it. I will no longer be 20-something, I'll officially be OLD. I remember when I was growing up, I thought you died when you turned 30, LOL! So... hopefully that won't happen! It just seems like life passes us by way too quickly, and there's hardly time to enjoy all the better things in life.

Nothing is really new with me. My laptop cord is broken, so I can't get on the computer at home (which is driving me BONKERS!) and my digital camera is down (I'm supposed to be getting a new one for my birthday/anniversary)... but being the frugal person that I am... I decided to invest in a $18 battery for my camera JUST TO BE CERTAIN that it's not a battery issue. It's a perfectly good Sony camera, and I've only had it for a freaking year!! It will cost me more for Sony to "look" at it... than it will cost me to buy a brand new one. AHHHH technology!!

On a lighter note, we're all trying to get Christmas lists together. I already know that Austin is going to be disappointed because he wants a motorcycle, and I'm not ready to spend that kind of money on a Christmas present yet. He's getting a guitar, a case, guitar lessons, Wall-E, and Kung Fu Panda... and of course some stocking stuffers. Lani's getting a bike, a VTech Kidizoom camera, High School Musical, and High School Musical 2. She wants anything to do with High School Musical. LOL She's in love with Zac Effron. Who isn't? Eli is getting a Baby Einstein crawl through tunnel and probably an Exersaucer or a Jumperoo... haven't decided yet. Allen and I probably won't buy anything for each other. I, however, would totally love to have a new laptop, but we'll see how good my bonus is this year and how that plays out.

That's it for an update. We're all happy, healthy (for the most part), and OLD! lol

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