Thursday, November 6, 2008

The working world...

Well, I must admit... while I miss my baby boy during the day, and I miss being able to spend all day long with him lounging in my PJ's, I have enjoyed going back to work. It has been a nice change. One that I'm sure will get old soon, ha! I have been blessed though. I actually enjoy my job, and they say when you enjoy your job, it's not really like working, it's more of a hobby, and I would have to agree. While my job is inside sales/customer service, etc. it all boils down to helping people, and I thoroughly enjoy it!!

Eli seems to be doing OK with the mass changes in his life. He is doing well with his bottle. He is always looking for my arrival at lunch time to eat his lunch on me! I thank God that my Mom lives close enough that I am able to come and share some time with my son during the middle of the day. It also saves me money because I'm not tempted to eat out all the time.

Lani seems to be doing MUCH better at her morning departures also. I guess she was just craving normal. She protested ferociously when I would leave when I was not working. I guess she knew that Eli and I were coming home, and she would be staying at school.... and she would rather be at home with us. Her behavior is coming around also. We hit a VERY rough patch after Eli's arrival, but she seems to be doing a little better. It's that sassy attitude and back talk that we SERIOUSLY have to work on. ugh.

Nothing seems to be really changing much with Austin. His behavior has been better at school. He's growing up so much. He's my little man. He has been my ace in the hole. He cranks the van in the mornings so it can warm up for us, and he helps me in so many other ways. He seems to be maturing and growing up. I remember when he came to stay with us on weekends, he was the same age and size that Eli is now. It's hard to believe that he's 7 years old and a first grader now.

Allen seems to be the same 'ole Allen. HAHA. Things hardly change with him.

Just a brief update.... the babies thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. I was very disappointed to learn that my digital camera has kicked the bucket... and I found this out on Halloween night. I almost cried. But I did grab a few with my phone... It's just not the same!! Saturday morning, Allen and My Dad cut down a tree for firewood. We enjoyed a day with visits from several family members. Saturday night, Austin spent the night with my Aunt Tamy and Lani spent the night with my Mom. HOT DOG! A DATE NIGHT!! We went out to eat (big spenders at Chick-fil-A, $12), walked around the mall, and went to see Fireproof. That movie was awesome... it was all about relationships. Then we came home for some loud... well... you know. HAHA!! It was nice. Supper, $12; Movie & Popcorn, $30; a night with my hubby....... priceless. I love him so much, and I thank God for him every single day!!

OH! And our wonderful Sunday school class provided meals for us for the entire week! Are they awesome or what!! We had chicken and rice, baked spaghetti, chili, vegetable beef soup, and lasagna. They are the best!!

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